Xpadder: what is it?

Xpadder is a program for emulating (adjusting) the buttons of a gamepad or joystick to a computer keyboard. This utility configures it for certain keyboard buttons. The user creates a configuration file for his profile and plays on the joystick, as on a keyboard. The program is suitable for configuring various types of controllers.


  1. Xpadder provides customization of any gamepad model. Xpadder + gamepad images
  2. The program has functions for adjusting additional buttons of the controller.
  3. The user launches a game that does not support the joystick.
  4. Emulation of the keyboard and mouse keys on the controller, steering wheel, steering wheel and other control devices.
  5. The simultaneous use of a mouse and a gamepad in modern games that do not support normal keyboard control.
  6. Xpadder configures multiple joysticks. Xpadder + gamepad images
  7. Create your own profile for the game.
  8. Run the program on 32 and 64-bit operating systems.
  9. Saving settings and support for connecting 16 devices.
  10. Adjustment for response of pressing and vibration.
  11. Change of themes and Russian interface.
  12. Running the program in different game emulators.
  13. Game on controllers with poor optimization for the device.
  14. The user plays the joystick in the network and the shell of the “dos game”.
  15. Setting the “shortcut keys” of the gamepad provides control, like a remote control for a video player.
  16. Support for personal profiles for devices for the application on the win shell.

How to use

First you need to download Xpadder. Then connect the joystick and install drivers on it. After installing the drivers, you need to select the folder for the utility to work. Next, copy the Xpadder_5.7.exe file. to the selected folder. Run it, click the green buttons three times to select the English-language interface.


Xpadder has a simple and convenient interface. Quick setup of a joystick or gamepad of any model. Universal adjustment of gamepad keys to keyboard keys.